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          [Outdoor Sauna]When you're looking for a sauna, you're faced with two choices. You can get an outdoor sauna or one indoor sauna. Both are attractive in their own way. And there are some pretty compelling reasons to get an outdoor sauna.In fact, with the rise of outdoor living – outdoor kitchens, patios with Swimming pool, and more – outdoor saunas may be more attractive than they've been in a long time.(It can be used as an indoor sauna)

          [Far Infrared Sauna]A new generation of non-radiation carbon crystal far infrared low EMF heating plate, with stable wave band and better physical therapy effect, offers you omnidirectional far-infrared light wave physical therapy.

          [2 Person Sauna for Home]Made of Canadian hemlock, supports Bluetooth connection, insulated heating element, heats up moderately.During your usage, if there electric leakage occurs, the protection device will automatically cut off its power supply.

          [Home Sauna]Use home sauna to relax after a day of work, while reading books, listening to music,etc. It can lose weight, improve skin tone, relieve stiffness and joint pain, increase blood circulation, promote a more peaceful sleep, reduce stress, and increase overall energy levels.