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          With our AVM, it has no wires and no worries…
          A custom solar Active Ventilation Management System (AVM) is a self-contained way to automate your greenhouse air circulation without wires or worries. Air exchange is important to introduce carbon dioxide and help control temperature/humidity. The system includes…

          A 100 watt custom solar panel and stand with two SLA batteries for power
          4x 125 CFM IP68 waterproof axial fans housed in handcrafted cedar louver panels
          Moisture proof digital control box with CO² interval timer and temperature/humidity control
          Provides a large SOCKiTBOX® for power cord connections if you want to add heaters or grow lights
          The air in the greenhouse can be exchanged approximately every two minutes
          (1) Hang it on the wall (2) Insert the battery (3) Connect the cable…done!

          Cedar is a tough wood. Cedar is more durable than all other North American species for outdoor use, whether you seal it or not. Once sealed, it will retain its golden color. When unsealed, it will have a natural grey/silver look.

          Large handcrafted panels made from select custom milled Grade 1 Western Red Cedar
          The wall panels are attached to the pre-drilled holes using the cordless drill using the 3″ ceramic screws provided.
          All door hinges are pre-installed
          Pre-attached roof panels on unique scissor frame allow installation from ground level
          Double Wall Polycarbonate and HDPE Wall Panels…

          We slotted the cedar wood frame and mounted precision CNC cut double wall polycarbonate clear panels to the upper wall section. The lower wall section has recycled black HDPE food grade plastic inserts for splash resistance and protection from objects shot from the lawn mower.

          UV resistant ultra clear 6mm polycarbonate wall panel has more light transmittance than any other brand
          More transparent than most glass, withstands high and sub-zero temperatures
          3/16th thick solid HDPE panel on bottom provides strength, splash protection and puncture resistance
          Cedar/Black HDPE “look” designed to match our elevated vegetable garden base
          Wind tested at 80 mph…the panels not only look great, they’re practically indestructible
          Large individual panels reduce the number of parts to be assembled

          We hope you find it beautiful. But more than that…
          The benefits of our pitched roof designs go beyond aesthetics. At a 25° tilt, it will help remove all but the stickiest snow and ice. This is a good thing. Heat flows naturally to its high sides, which makes it more certain to ventilate. Speaking of the tall side, it also offers a ton of headroom. Seven feet to be exact. No other design provides more evenly distributed, longer-lasting optimal sunlight than a pitched roof.

          Provides maximum light and heat during the transmission of sunlight from east to west
          If there is snow, it can be easily knocked over as the roof remains resilient even in sub-zero temperatures
          Heat naturally collects to the high side and can be collected or exhausted
          Provides low wind resistance by letting gusts of wind blow over the top
          Naturally provides high watershed rates
          5′ low side, 9′ high side, 7′ headroom for all workspaces
          The shape facilitates easy installation of the necessary shade cloth

          A crazy idea that works really well…
          How do you transport a 10-foot-long roof panel on a truck with a door height of only 7 feet? Who wants to climb a 25° sloping roof? All those roof screws, what a pain. Our answer? Make each roof section fold, “cut” the top edge into place and place the bottom edge on the short wall. All come from the ground. Definitely needs two strong guys, but better than getting to the top

          Panels come pre-assembled on a floor-mountable scissor frame
          Prefabricated panels mean no climbing on top during installation
          Pre-installed seals deter uninvited guests
          Made in the USA TuffTex© polycarbonate panels are ultra-clear, hail-resistant and durable